Adventure Start

The adventures began by meeting with the town military leader Anais Tallow.  This meeting occurred in a back room at the the Harlequin's Hall Inn.  In this the group agreed to follow a patrol led by guard Gilliam as they moved toward the capital city.

Posing as a child Orpip attempted to gain access to the caravan.  This attempt was not successful but ended up using an invisibility spell to travel along the supply wagon.  He almost got skewered  in his attempt; however, he was able to successfully stow away on the wagon.

After following the  caravan at a distance, the group was spotted and approached without much conflict. 

The Carvan was tested as a woman came out crying out that she needed help.  An ambush was in wait.  After the conflict, all of the caravan guards were dead.

Sinjin, Orpip, and Theresa were unconscious at the end of fighting. 


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