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World – Tironde

The Iron Kingdom of Egladhor

Naledzar –  Capital Seat

Town of Conwy – Town were adventures start

The Black Downs Mountains – Southern Border of Eglador

Ironwood Forests,  Are to the East where the wall fell.

30 days prior to the start of this adventure, a metor fell from the sky crashing into the Black Downs Mountains. Upon this, the once unorganized orc's and goblins of the ironwood forest arose and took down the eastern wall.

Since that time it has been a month of strife and difficulty for the people of Eglador. 

Refugee's have been migrating to the Capital city to get away from the Strife as their homes and towns have been destroyed. 

The small communities around the Capital city are all sending in Supplies to the capital to support the incoming refugees. Many of the supplies are not arriving, the supplies and troops are lost in transit, nobody knows what happened to them. 

The adventures have found their way to the town of Conwy while fighting in the wilderness and escorting refugees to this farming community. 



Initial Story

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